Why join the BFS as a nurse member

The Royal College of Nursing and the British Fertility Society furnish an unparalleled
platform for nurses to establish connections with peers, educators, researchers, and industry
pioneers. The networking prospects embedded within these organisations can lead to
valuable mentorship, collaborative ventures, and the exchange of insightful experiences.
With the evolving healthcare landscape, best practices and technological advancements
within fertility nursing continue to evolve as well. By becoming a member of BFS and RCN,
you gain access to diverse avenues for continuous learning and development,
encompassing workshops, webinars, conferences, and continuing education opportunities.
Both organisations wield a pivotal role in championing the nursing profession, spanning
local, national, and international spheres. As a member, you hold the potential to contribute
to shaping nursing policies, elevating patient safety standards, and enhancing healthcare
delivery protocols. Additionally, the avenue exists for you to apply for committee roles within
BFS or RCN, fostering the enhancement of your leadership skills and enabling you to exert a
substantial influence.

Nursing organisations such as the BFS and RCN frequently acknowledge and celebrate the
accomplishments and contributions of nurses through awards and honours, exemplified by
the annual RCN awards and the BFS nursing prize presented at the yearly joint conference
with ARCS and SRF. Membership elevates your likelihood of being duly recognized for your
remarkable achievements.

For further insights on how to initiate your affiliation with the BFS or the RCN Fertility Nursing
Forum, we warmly encourage you to reach out to us.

Authored by Francesca Steyn, Chair of the RCN Fertility Nursing Forum, and Yvonne
Wedden, BFS Nurse Representative.