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Virtual Study Week 2020 - 15th June - 31st December 2020

Welcome to Virtual Study Week 2020

We are delighted to welcome you to Virtual Study Week.

Education and training are paramount to the British Fertility Society and it is our dedication to these that made delivering a virtual Study Week an obvious reaction to the pandemic.

Under ordinary circumstances, we would be gathering together as a community to share a learning journey and to build relationships. In extraordinary circumstances, today we are proud to do similar, albeit as a virtual community. In the pre-recorded modules, you will learn from the same first class speakers who would have delivered the lectures in person. We are incredibly grateful to all these speakers, who have continued to prioritise our educational aims despite facing the universal pressures of this time personally. It is their positivity and dedication that have enabled us to provide this Virtual Study Week – we are greatly indebted to them.

Virtual learning has been designed to accommodate the restrictions imposed by the current situation. Pre-recorded lectures allow access at any time, content is available until the end of the year and modules can be revisited. In addition, registration for modules is not dictated by timetabling and you are free to register for as many of the study days as you wish. Live Q and A sessions will take place later in the year and you will be contacted about these.

In putting together Study Week online, it was our intention to react positively to a negative situation. The world finds itself in unchartered territory, and it is when facing the unknown and the unpredictable, that being part of a community becomes even more important. We are so pleased to welcome a growing number of members from across the world, who are able to join us at Study Week this year.

Thank you all for being a part of the global BFS community and for choosing to come together at this time, to look ahead and to build on the future. We look forward to meeting you in person when times allow, but until normality returns, we are incredibly proud to welcome you all to Virtual Study Week – different but the same.

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If you wish to register for Virtual Study Week 2020, please visit our registration page.

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