The IFFS announces that 2016 Surveillance is available as the first edition of the new open access IFFS journal

The IFFS is proud to announce that the 2016 Surveillance is available as the first edition of the new open access IFFS journal, Global Reproductive Health.

The 2016 Surveillance attests to a robust and expanding scope of ART practices, policies, and activities among nations around the world while highlighting significant and important differences with a review of trends that have occurred in the triennium.

The IFFS Surveillance remains the only source of information that provides a global overview of ART practices. This edition represents a broader joint effort of the IFFS and World Health Organization (WHO) as WHO representatives participated in the reorganization and reformatting of the 2012 questionnaire.  Potential partnerships with other global organizations and an increase in awareness of this data collection should continue to improve the quality in years to come.