The BFS welcomes the HFEA’s report on issues in clinics, highlighted by the Daily Mail this year.

The British Fertility Society welcomes the HFEA’s report on issues in clinics that were highlighted by the Daily Mail in May this year. We are reassured to see that this thorough investigation has found high standards in the majority of clinics.

In most cases the HFEA does not have any major concerns but there are, unfortunately, still some areas where there is room for improvement. We support the HFEA in striving to ensure that all patients are provided with comprehensive information and reliable statistics when making choices about their treatment.

The fertility sector is one of the most highly regulated medical disciplines. In the UK – the home of IVF – standards are excellent and patients receive top class treatment. Unfortunately, in any industry that involves human beings there are bound to be some examples of poor practice. This HFEA report confirms that such practices are extremely rare and the UK fertility industry is still absolutely world class.