The Association of Reproductive and Clinical Scientists (ARCS) and British Fertility Society (BFS) U.K. statement on Covid-19 vaccine 9th April 2021

The British Fertility Society and the Association of Reproductive and Clinical Scientists support today’s statement by the RCOG on COVID-19 vaccination for women contemplating pregnancy. We share a common interest in ensuring that eligible women continue to benefit from COVID-19 vaccination prior to embarking on pregnancy, as well as during pregnancy.


It appears at this point that the extremely rare adverse event of concurrent thrombosis and thrombocytopenia following vaccination with the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine is not related to a prior predisposition to thrombosis. We note the JCVI statement on 7th April 2021 that ‘There are currently no known risk factors for this extremely rare condition, which appears to be an idiosyncratic reaction on first exposure to the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine’.


It is vital that there is continued monitoring of safety, and research into identifying predisposing factors for this very rare complication. We will update our guidance for professionals and patients as and when new evidence emerges and there is a change in official guidance. Vaccination, regardless of the vaccine used, remains a vital step in reducing risk from COVID-19 for our patients and the population as a whole.


Read the statement here ARCS-BFS-09.04.21


Dr Raj Mathur, Chair, British Fertility Society

Professor Jason Kasraie, Chair, Association of Reproductive and Clinical Scientists