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1. Accuracy

1.1 The Society makes every effort to ensure that all information on this Website is up to date and accurate but does not represent or warrant that the information accessible via this Website is accurate, complete or current.

2. Disclaimer

2.1 This Website contains scientific and educational information and its contents do not constitute medical or other advice. To the fullest extent permitted at law, the Society makes no (and expressly disclaims all) representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, with respect to the Website’s information, content or materials or any linked Website.

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3. Copyright and trademarks:

3.1 The material on this Website is copyright unless otherwise indicated and may not be copied, distributed, published, licensed or reproduced in any way without the express written consent of the Society which also reserves all intellectual property rights (including trademarks both registered and unregistered) attaching to the same and to their domain names except as set out in 3.2 below.

3.2 You may view this Website and its contents using your browser and save in electronic copy, or print out a copy of parts of this Website solely for your own information, research or study provided that you do not modify such copy.

4. General:

4.1 The Society reserves the right to alter arrangements for access to this Website or the registration process at any time.

4.2 Any separate requirements relating to registration/membership of the Society included in this Website shall be additional to these Terms & Conditions.

4.3 These Terms & Conditions and any registration requirements set out the whole agreement relating to access by you to this Website (“the Agreement”).

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