We are keen to increase students’ awareness of the exciting, dynamic and rewarding careers that Life Sciences and Health Care can offer. To this end, national experts in medicine, psychology, nursing, embryology and academic science have produced a series of short videos, explaining what our jobs involve and how students can work towards a similar career.

This educational package aims to provide a ‘snapshot’ of what we do and also includes a thought-provoking video on the ethics of IVF and 2 excellent animations that provide information on fertility that students may find helpful. Research has shown many adults wish they had been aware of such knowledge when younger.

We hope that this package will inspire and inform pupils as they consider their next steps.The package is aimed primarily at students studying biology, (A Level, Higher, GCSE or equivalent) but can of course be used by any who is interested.

If you require any more information or help, please feel free to contact us at

We would be delighted to be able to continue to connect with those considering a career in Health Care of Life Sciences (or their teachers) and to offer support or advice.

Access the educational package here:



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