Statement from British Fertility Society and Association of Reproductive and Clinical Scientists for Fertility Staff

Over recent days the British Fertility Society (BFS) and the Association of Reproductive and Clinical Scientists (ARCS) have produced a number of statements and a guidance document around COVID 19 and reproductive medicine practice.

This professional guidance deals mainly with the effects on patients and the need to ensure they are supported. However, as fellow professionals, we are also aware that this is a time of great uncertainty for our colleagues working in the specialty. This applies to colleagues in different settings and roles, who may face redeployment or even a threat to their job security. Suspending fertility treatment, although a necessary response to this public health crisis, carries a risk to the viability of some businesses and the economic well-being of their employees. Please know that we are aware of these worries, and we are committed to helping the sector re-start normal functioning as soon as the situation allows.

We would like to thank everyone working in the specialty for their generally positive response to the guidance produced so far. It is clear that colleagues across the board are committed to minimising patient risk and moderating the burden on the NHS. On our part, ARCS and BFS will seek to represent our members fairly and ensure that the UK fertility sector is able to respond to the changing situation as it evolves.


Jane Stewart – Chair of BFS
Jason Kasraie – Chair of ARCS