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The Andrology SIG is dedicated to improving the care of male fertility patients through information, education, establishing evidence based policies and furthering research through innovation and collaboration. The Andrology SIG incorporates experts from multiple specialties including urology, endocrinology, gynaecology and scientists to help advance the treatment of patients with male factor infertility.

The SIG welcomes members of all disciplines and encourages active participation.

To register your interest in becoming a part of the Andrology SIG please contact

Male Testicular Health and Fertility

These co-produced, evidenced-based educational resources on male testicular health and fertility can be used to support public-facing work aimed at supporting young men 14-24 years to become aware of factors that affect testicular health and fertility.

Should you have any queries, please contact


The Fertility Education Animations were co-produced with Cardiff University.

Episode 1 – The 2 essential jobs your testicles do for you

Episode 2 – Healthy balls Healthy body

Episode 3 – How can you tell if your testicles are healthy

Episode 4 – The incredibly obvious thing you should do about painful testicles

Disclaimer: These animations must be shared in their entirety.  No alterations of any kind are to made to the animations. They are not to be divided or edited in any way.  The animations remain the property of the British Fertility Society.

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