Royal Charter

The Executive Committees of BFS, ARCS and SRF have for some time been working on a strategy that, through closer cooperation, will further strengthen the influence of Reproductive Science and Medicine in the UK. We are together applying to the Privy Council Office to seek a Royal Charter, that if awarded, would strengthen our professional voice and leadership.  We will be seeking the power also to charter individual health care professionals and scientists, to show that the superb work that you do, day in and day out, demonstrates publicly your expertise.


We believe strongly, as do many of the bodies and groups we work with, that this will be a positive step that would be in the public good. We do not know if the application will be approved as this status is rarely awarded, but are hopeful that it will.  The link below takes you to a FAQ document that will answer some of the questions that you may have and will be discussing this with you again in the coming months.

Royal Charter FAQs

If you have any questions we would encourage you to contact us. As our societies continue to expand and flourish we believe this next step will be one of great benefit