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  • Healthcare professionals call for better practices in preserving future fertility for cancer patients, transfolk, and others. Today (4 January), at the Fertility 2018 meeting in Liverpool, the British Fertility Society will present brand new guidelines for clinicians on fertility preservation for people assigned female at birth. Fertility preservation is a rapidly growing specialty and the […]

  • High blood pressure – baby’s sex (12/07/17) Scientists claim women who have hypertension are more likely to have a boy. (BFS mentioned and Adam Balen quoted) The Sun.  

  • Egg reserves (12/01/17) Fertility expert recommends AMH test for women in their twenties. (BFS mentioned) The Sun.

  • What is it and what are the risks. (BFS mentioned and Joyce Harper quoted). International Business Times. Also reported in the Guardian.  

  • Embryo glue is being used to help embryos stick in the uterus. (BFS mentioned and Yacoub Khalaf quoted). Sunday Post.  

  • Male menopause (09/01/17) Professor Ilpo Huhtaniemi from Imperial College London says middle-aged men who receive testosterone jabs to help them cope with the so-called male menopause could be risking their health. (BFS mentioned). Daily Mail.