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  • Children should be taught “the facts about reproductive health, including fertility and the potential impact of lifestyle on fertility for men and women”, according to guidelines accepted in parliament, today.

    The British Fertility Society (BFS) Fertility Education Initiative (FEI) responded to the earlier consultation, recommending that children should know that fertility declines with […]

  • An FOI request has revealed serious under-provision of fertility preservation for cancer patients in England

    New data being presented today at the Fertility 2019 conference* show that female cancer patients are missing out on freezing eggs or embryos prior to chemotherapy treatment.

    *A collaboration between the British Fertility Society, Society for Reproduction and Fertility and […]

  • Healthcare professionals call for better practices in preserving future fertility for cancer patients, transfolk, and others.

    Today (4 January), at the Fertility 2018 meeting in Liverpool, the British Fertility Society will present brand new guidelines for clinicians on fertility preservation for people assigned female at birth. Fertility preservation is a rapidly growing specialty and the […]