The Case of the 62 year old woman giving birth in France

The British Fertility Society has noted this case with serious concerns. We believe this to be a misuse of reproductive technology and do not condone this practice. We believe that treatment using donor eggs should generally be confined to women under the age of 50 and that selection of cases requires very careful consideration including assessment of the welfare of the child.

We believe the case reported recently in France raises major ethical concerns but are confident that these particular circumstances are highly unlikely to occur in the United Kingdom given the guidelines and regulatory framework that govern practice in this area. The vast majority of clinicians and scientists undertaking IVF in the UK confine their expertise to many couples who suffer genuine infertility problems and adopt a responsible approach to treatment.

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority which police IVF and related techniques has issued guidance to centres offering treatment to oversees patients to enable confirmation of identity. This guidance ensures that deception of the type implied in this case is minimised. UK patients seeking treatment at centres in the YK normally require referral from their GP or consultant.