British Fertility Society Statement on Reproductive Immunotherapy

Many patients will have understandable concerns with respect to the issues raised in the recent Panorama programme, and in particular about immunotherapy in the treatment of infertility.

The BFS has stated that there is no convincing research evidence to suggest that immunotherapy is indicated in this situation. Where consideration is being given to the use of this form of treatment, it is the view of the Society that this should only be offered in the context of a properly conducted clinical trial. Research methodology, patient information and consent procedures will have been scrutinised in these circumstances by a research ethics committee and issues, particularly in relation to effectiveness and potential harm, will have undergone careful evaluation within this framework.

For the moment, it is the view of the BFS that the public should be advised there is no substantive evidence of benefit or harm to patients, or their children, with this form of treatment.

Patients who have worries in relation to their own clinical situation should discuss matters with the health professional involved in their care.

Dr Mark Hamilton (Chair)