British Fertility Society response to the DoH review of the HFEA Act

Statement from Allan Pacey, BFS Secretary

As a first reaction, I’d say that this is a reasonable set of proposals, although there is a sense that the Government has been quite conservative and has missed an opportunity to be more radical and forward thinking. As we now work to a very high standards of clinical governance, there’s a good case for regulations being less strict than they were when the laws were first drafted in 1990. The Government’s proposals are largely in keeping with the BFS view as expressed in our response to the consultation process. There are areas of the White Paper where we will have specific concerns, but there are also areas where we can support the proposals without reservations. For example, we’re pleased with the proposals on confidentiality relating to access to data for research purposes, and the regulation of internet sperm services. The British Fertility Society represents a wide body of opinion, and we will need some time to digest the proposals to allow us to give a more considered view. Of course we will discuss the proposals fully before responding on behalf of the whole membership.


Note that the BFS’s response to the initial consultation can be found at:

05_11_BFS Response – DH consultation