British Fertility Society response to study on people travelling abroad for fertility treatment due to donor shortages

Mr Tony Rutherford, Chairman of the British Fertility Society said:

“Relatively little research has been carried out to look at the reasons people travel abroad for fertility treatment and this well-designed study adds to our body of knowledge.  Donation of both eggs and sperm is a key aspect of assisted reproductive therapy and many couples rely on donors to create a family.  Representing professionals in reproductive medicine, the British Fertility Society is acutely aware that there is currently a shortage of sperm and egg donors in the UK and this report highlights some potential consequences of this lack. The UK sector is making positive moves to combat this shortage and the British Fertility Society is currently working with the Department of Health to investigate a new Hub and Spoke model to promote sperm donor recruitment and improve donor numbers.  In addition, the Human Fertilisation and Embryo Authority is reviewing regulation surrounding egg and sperm donation with a report due in early 2011.”