British Fertility Society response to ESHRE press release “Researchers develop accurate way to predict the age when women will hit the menopause”

Mr Tony Rutherford, Chairman of the British Fertility Society said:

“In the past we have struggled to obtain an accurate predictor of when a woman will go through menopause and anti-Mullerian hormone has long been seen as a good candidate for resolving this issue. This interesting study describes a new model that directly links anti-Mullerian hormone levels to age at menopause, with the validation of having studied the participants over a number of years. It is important to emphasise that this is only a preliminary study and further long-term randomised clinical trials are needed to confirm the accuracy of the predictive values, particularly in younger women.

“Fertility declines dramatically in the years leading up to menopause and it is important that women do not see tests of this nature as a reason to delay starting a family.”