British Fertility Society reaction to Dr Kevin Smith’s call for sperm banking on the NHS

Writing in the Journal of Medical Ethics, Dr Kevin Smith from Abertay University has argued that sperm banking should be offered for free to all young men in an effort to reduce the risks associated with delayed fatherhood. Dr Smith also says that artificial insemination should become the normal way for procreation and that we should have a “whole scale move away from natural conception”.

Professor Adam Balen, Chair of the British Fertility Society said:

“This move would provide a very artificial approach to having babies. Procreation should not be taken out of the bedroom and into the test-tube unless there are defined fertility problems.”

“There should be a greater focus in the UK on supporting young couples to establish their careers and relationships and be supported in having children at a young age before the natural decline in both female and male fertility.”

“There is a need for better education of youngsters so that they are informed about the implications of delaying starting a family and at the same time improved societal support for working mothers and fathers with better childcare facilities to enable couples to establish careers and families.”