New Executive Committee position – I.T lead

The BFS is currently in the process of commissioning a new website, to give it a more contemporary feel and to allow for new developments such as on-line training etc.

We are looking for an enthusiastic person to act as our IT lead, to liaise between the new website developers and the Executive Committee, to keep us informed of this exciting project’s progress and to advise the developers on our requirements.  This role would be suitable for any BFS member, including those in training positions who have excellent IT skills and a good understanding of website design and functionality.

This person will be co-opted onto the BFS Executive Committee and would be expected to attend our regular meetings, which occur 4 times per year (currently virtual, but possibly reverting to face to face in due course) and ideally also the presentations for appointment of the new website designers (a virtual meeting).

If you are interested and think that you could help us, we would love to hear from you by 17:00 on the 1st September. 

If you have any queries, please contact the BFS Secretariat on