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Male Fertility

Overview & Introduction

Marc Lucky, Module Lead

Male fertility problems are extremely common, but many fertility practitioners understandably lack experience and confidence in dealing with them. This popular course, linked to a BFS Training Module, aims to improve the knowledge base and skills of Fertility Practitioners who work with men. The talks, which cover all aspects of male fertility, are given by leading UK / International Figures and the course has received excellent feedback, particularly in terms of addressing learning requirements. This course is suitable for Reproductive Physicians, Urologists, Fertility Nurses and Clinical Scientists –in fact anyone who deals with male patients.

Speaker Session
Marc Lucky Welcome from the module lead
Kevin McEleny Male history, examination and investigation
Asif Muneer Surgical sperm retrieval
Ayo Kalejaiye The Male Reproductive tract and Male Sexual Function
Marc Lucky Testicular causes of Male Infertility
Allan Pacey Male Reproductive Physiology
Bryan Woodward Tests of semen quality
Miguel J Xavier The Genetics of Male Infertility
Rowland Rees Varicocele and Post Testicular causes of male fertility
Arie Parnham Testicular Cancer and Fertility
Richard Quinton Pre-Testicular Problems

Session Speaker
Welcome from the Chair Marc Lucky
Male history, examination and investigation Kevin McEleny
Surgical sperm retrieval Asif Muneer
The Male Reproductive tract and Male Sexual Function Ayo Kalejaiye
Testicular causes of Male Infertility Marc Lucky
Male Reproductive Physiology Allan Pacey
Tests of semen quality Bryan Woodward
The Genetics of Male Infertility Miguel J Xavier
Varicocele and Post Testicular causes of male fertility Rowland Rees
Testicular Cancer and Fertility Arie Parnham
Pre-Testicular Problems Richard Quinton