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GP Study Day

Overview & Introduction

Alison Richardson and Steve Davies, Module Leads

One in six couples struggle to conceive.  This can have a profound impact on their biological, psychological and social well-being.  Half of these couples will often achieve a pregnancy with relatively simple advice that can quite easily be provided by their GP.  Although the remainder will require some form of intervention or treatment offered by secondary or tertiary care providers, their journey begins in primary care and it is likely that they will maintain a relationship with their GP throughout the process.  This study day aims to equip motivated GPs and GP trainees with the knowledge, skills and attributes required to be able to effectively manage these couples.

The programme will focus on how to differentiate couples that can (at least initially) be conservatively managed in primary care (and how to effectively do this), from those that warrant an earlier referral to secondary care.  It will include advice on what investigations are useful and how to interpret the results.  The programme will include a brief summary of the different fertility treatments available including ovulation induction and intrauterine insemination as well as more advanced reproductive treatments including IVF and ICSI and the risks and complications associated with these, including what to do when fertility treatments fail.  Finally, there are sessions on more recent fertility developments including pre-implantation genetic testing and fertility preservation.

All of these presentations have been specifically tailored to the target audience and are provided by speakers who are enthusiastic and experts in their field.

Speakers Title of talk
Alison Richardson & Stephen Davies Welcome from module leads
Alison Richardson Fertility and Infertility
Allan Pacey GP assessment of Male Fertility
Kevin McEleny Urology and Fertility
Susie Jacob Ovulatory dysfunction/PCOS
Alison Richardson Ovarian reserve/POI
Oli Donovan Tubal disorders including endometriosis
Mostafa Metwally Fibroids and Fertility
Stephen Davies GP management of infertility
Fatima Husain Ethnic disparities in fertility treatment outcome – what can primary care do to help?
Matt Prior OI, IUI, IVF and ICSI
Ed Coats Risks and complications of ART
Angela Pericleous-Smith What happens when IVF fails
Maya Chetty Fertility preservation
Ellissa Baskind Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing
Raj Mathur Regulation and Funding of IVF

Session Speaker
Introduction/Normal Fertility Alison Richardson, Stephen Davies
Male Fertility Allan Pacey
Urology and Fertility Kevin McEleny
Ovulatory dysfunction/PCOS Susie Jacob
Ovarian reserve/POI Alison Richardson
Tubal factor infertility and endometriosis Oli O’Donovan
Fibroids and Fertility Mostafa Metwally
Investigating and managing subfertility in primary care Stephen Davies
OI, IUI, IVF and ICSI Matt Prior
Risks and complications of ART Ed Coats
What happens when IVF fails Angela Pericleous-Smith
Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing Ellissa Baskind
Fertility preservation Maya Chetty
Regulation and Funding of IVF Raj Mathur
Fertility and Infertility Alison Richardson