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15 - 18 June 2020

PR - Effective Fertility Services

Overview & Introduction

Mostafa Metwally (BFS) & Rachel Cutting (HFEA) – Module Leads

This joint BFS/HFEA course will cover all aspects of developing and running an effective fertility service as well as help you gain a firm understanding of the legislation and quality management issues essential for running a high-quality fertility service.

Session Speaker
Dealing with incidents-Legal requirements: the duty of the PR on what, when and how to report incidents Louise Winstone
Dealing with incidents: Case reports from a clinical practice Raj Mathur
What do patients, partners and donors think and want? Kate Brian
The UK fertility market and commissioning Chris White
Top tips for inspection Andrew Leonard, Jason Kasraie
The fundamentals: Consent and the Law Catherine Drennan
Supporting patients Ruth wilde
The role of the PR Jane Stewart
Developing a service and business planning Chris White
HFEA overview of inspection and compliance in UK fertility clinics Rachel Cutting
Leadership styles and workplace culture: leading a multidisciplinary Fertility team, challenges and solutions Tom Bamber
Quality Management and You