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PR - Effective Fertility Services

Overview & Introduction

Mostafa Metwally (BFS) & Rachel Cutting (HFEA) – Module Leads

This joint BFS/HFEA course will cover all aspects of developing and running an effective fertility service as well as help you gain a firm understanding of the legislation and quality management issues essential for running a high-quality fertility service.

Session Speaker
Welcome from Chair Mostafa Metwally
The role of the PR Jane Stewart
Developing a service and business planning Chris White
HFEA overview of inspection and compliance in UK fertility clinics Rachel Cutting
Leadership styles and workplace culture: leading a multidisciplinary Fertility team, challenges and solutions Tom Bamber
Quality Management and You Nilendran Prathalingam
Top tips for inspection Andrew Leonard, Jason Kasraie
The fundamentals: Consent and the Law Catherine Drennan
Supporting patients Ruth wilde
What do patients, partners and donors think and want? Kate Brian
Dealing with incidents-Legal requirements: the duty of the PR on what, when and how to report incidents Louise Winstone
Dealing with incidents: Case reports from a clinical practice Raj Mathur
The UK fertility market and commissioning Chris White