Criteria & Benefits

Criteria for Membership

BFS membership is open to professionals involved in the science and practice of human fertility, reproductive medicine and biology. These include infertility, assisted conception, endometriosis, contraception, male and female reproductive surgery, minimal access surgery and endocrinology.

Benefits of Membership

Membership of the British Fertility Society involves you in a multidisciplinary family dedicated to the promotion of good science and best clinical practice in this specialist area.

Membership provides:

  • The opportunity to network by meeting and exchanging opinions with fellow professionals working in the speciality.
  • A regular channel of communication via the website, including member-only areas.
  • Subscription to the BFS Newsletter.
  • The opportunity to present data and respond to colleagues’ comments.
  • Access to other international and national organisations with overlapping interests.
  • Access to the documents archive via the member-only area.
  • The chance to receive awards to recognise work of excellence.
  • Discounted registration fees and travel grants for scientific meetings.


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