The British Fertility Society is managed through two related Companies:

  1. British Fertility Society Ltd. (The Charity)
  2. BFS Education Ltd. (The Associated Business)

The principle charitable objectives of the Society, as registered with the Charities Commission, are:

  1. To advance the education and improve the practice of health professionals working in fertility, for the public benefit.
  2. To advance the education of the public on the science and treatment of infertility.


The affairs of the Charity are managed by the Board of Trustees which provides for both transparent and independent governance of BFS Education Ltd., the executive arm of the Society. Due diligence, in accordance with the Charities Act 2011, is thus delivered relevant to the Society’s financial position, and independent scrutiny of procedures concerning probity, conflict of interest surveillance, reputational and other risk assessment, complaints management, GDPR compliance, equality and diversity policy, electoral processes to, and the function of, the Society’s committees.

This Board comprises a Chair and at least six Trustees whose period in office will be for a maximum of three terms of three years. The immediate past Chair of the Society serves on the Board for a single term of three years. The Trustees meet several times through the course of the year and the Executive Officers of BFS Education Ltd. are invited to report to the Board on the work of the Executive Committee. The Chair of the Board of Trustees is invited to attend the Executive Committee of BFS Education Ltd. as an observer.


BFS Trustees as at April 2022

Dr Mark Hamilton (Chair)

Professor Adam Balen

Dr Virginia Bolton

Mrs Alison McTavish

Ms Sarah Norcross

Professor Neil McClure

Dr Jane Stewart

Ms Karen Woodcock


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