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Information for Presenters of Oral Communications

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BFS Member: If you wish your abstract to be considered for an award, you must be a BFS member.
Submission: Please submit your abstract on line adhering to the detailed instructions, ensuring that you are available to present your work at the meeting.
Registration form: Once your abstract has been accepted, please complete the official meeting registration form ASAP to ensure that you don’t miss the early bird deadline.


Final programme: A final programme is produced for all meetings and will include a copy of your abstract.
Human Fertility Journal: Your abstract will appear in the Human Fertility journal in print and online.

Session Format

The session chairperson will provide introductory comments for approximately five minutes
Speakers are requested to talk within their allocated time slot and not to over run
Each speaker should reserve a couple of minutes for questions at the end of their talk.

Presentation Guidelines

The following are some helpful tips in regard to producing your presentation:

The BFS does not have a presentation template; feel free to use your own.
Avoid too much content on one slide
As a courtesy to the audience, you are asked to ensure clear presentation and accurate time-keeping by rehearsing your presentation beforehand and by using only as many slides as will reasonably fit into the time period (probably a maximum of one slide a minute).
Try not to read out your slides.

Day of Presentation

On arrival at the meeting you should report o the registration desk no later than 2 hour prior to the start of your talk. You will receive a name badge, any pre booked catering or social tickets and also the conference materials.
Please ensure you bring a back up copy of your presentation
Please announce yourself to the session chair
Familiarise yourself with the AV technician and the room layout.

Room Set-up

Session rooms are equipped with the following:

Data projector
Head table for all speakers