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Networking opportunities
Skills development
For individuals new to chairing a mentoring system is in place to offer support and guidance


Final programme: A final programme is produced all meetings and the BFS would like to include your biography (no longer than 200 words).
Registration form: Please complete the official meeting registration form and notify the Conference Organiser of your acceptance to chair.

Chairperson Deadlines

Chairpersons biography deadline (if requested): At least 1 month prior to the meeting
Registration form: Try to ensure that you register before the early bird deadline.

Session Format

The session chairperson will provide introductory comments where appropriate
The Chairperson should check that audio-visual equipment is in good working order and need to be aware of staff to whom to refer any technical problems that might arise.
The Chairperson should ensure that all speakers are present and familiar with audio-visual equipment.
If a speaker fails to appear, the Chairperson should liaise with the meeting organiser regarding programme schedule for that session.
The Chairperson must keep presentations to correct time and allow an adequate discussion period after each presentation where appropriate. It might be wise to inform speakers about the time allocated for presentation prior to delivery rather than curtailing the end of a talk.
The Chairperson should be prepared to stimulate informed discussion.

Day of Presentation

On arrival at the meeting you should report to the registration desk in good time, ie 45 minutes, prior to the start of your session. You will receive a name badge, any pre booked catering or social tickets and also the conference materials.
A chairperson may be asked to make special announcements, so please double check with the registration desk for any such notices.

Room Set-up

Session rooms are equipped with the following where advised:

Data projector
Head table for all speakers