Using donor sperm, eggs, embryos or surrogacy 

Some people may need to consider using eggs, sperm or embryos from a donor. This can be because of fertility problems which make it necessary to use donor eggs or sperm, or it may be for single women or same-sex couples. In other cases, if a woman cannot carry a baby herself, or if a male same-sex couple wish to have a child, surrogacy may be the answer where another woman carries the pregnancy.

The Donor Conception Network is a charity dedicated to supporting donor conception families. They can offer advice and support to anyone considering or going through treatment using donor eggs, sperm or embryos, to families who have used donor conception and to people who are donor conceived. They have a wide range of information available on their website and can offer support, workshops, events and have a library of useful resources.

Donor Eggs

Donor Sperm


In surrogacy arrangements, a woman agrees to carry a baby for a couple. Once the baby is born, the intended parent or parents will then take over responsibility and care for the baby. It is important that legal advice is taken if you are considering a surrogacy arrangement