Other options to parenthood and living without children

Fertility treatment does not always work, and some couples decide it is not for them. If this is the case, there are other options to parenthood to consider, such as adoption or fostering.

Alternatively, you may want to know more about the experiences of others who are living without children and the support which is available to those who are involuntarily childless.


The charity Fertility Network UK offer special support and resources to those who are involuntarily childless. There is an online community and webinars and a support line.

Gateway Women is a friendship and support network for women who are involuntarily childless.


Adoption or fostering

Some people decide that they would like to explore the options for adopting or fostering. Adoption involves legally taking responsibility for a child who becomes part of your family, while fostering is not always long-term and the foster parents do not legally take over care for the child.