Fertility Education Initiative (FEI)

The Fertility Education Initiative Special Interest Group aims to educate and support informed decision-making about fertility, reproductive health and planning for a family, when it is desired.

The Special Interest Group (SIG) achieves its aims through developing, evaluating and disseminating inclusive and accessible information and educational resources for diverse groups including young people, parents, teachers, health professionals, charities, and media.

Information and educational resources are co-produced with patients, public and experts in different domains of reproductive health (including medical doctors, psychologists, educators, creative teams, lawyers, social workers, industry, government). The FEI is active in the UK and internationally.

The SIG welcomes ideas for resources and new members from all disciplines in the BFS.

Find out more about the Fertility Education Initiative

Please contact bfs@profileproductions.co.uk if you are interested in joining the SIG.


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