Fertility education animations

Your Fertility Matters

Did you know that it’s possible to get pregnant whilst you’re on your period?

Do you know when in your cycle you’re most likely to get pregnant?

You may have been told about how not to get pregnant but might not know about things that can affect your fertility.


The Fertility Education Animations were co-produced with Cardiff University.


Fertility Technologies Shaping Modern Families

If you’re figuring out your sexuality or gender identity, or think that there may be things that affect you having a family, this animation tells you all you need to know about fertility technologies that can help.

Male Testicular Health and Fertility

These co-produced, evidenced-based educational resources on male testicular health and fertility can be used to support public-facing work aimed at supporting young men 14-24 years to become aware of factors that affect testicular health and fertility.

Should you have any queries, please contact bfs@profileproductions.co.uk


Episode 1 – The 2 essential jobs your testicles do for you


Episode 2 – Healthy balls Healthy body


Episode 3 – How can you tell if your testicles are healthy


Episode 4 – The incredibly obvious thing you should do about painful testicles


Disclaimer: These animations must be shared in their entirety.  No alterations of any kind are to made to the animations. They are not to be divided or edited in any way.  The animations remain the property of the British Fertility Society.