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A Guide to Fertility

Our research & Commentaries

  • Research studies

Feasibility and acceptability of theatrical and visual art to deliver fertility education to young adults

An experimental evaluation of the benefits and costs of providing fertility information to adolescents and emerging adults:

Fertility-related knowledge and perceptions of fertility education among adolescents and emerging adults: a qualitative study

Effects of fertility education on knowledge, desires and anxiety among the reproductive-aged population: findings from a randomized controlled trial:

Two-year follow-up of a randomized controlled trial: knowledge and reproductive outcome after online fertility education:

Fertility knowledge and beliefs about fertility treatment: findings from the International Fertility Decision-making Study:

Knowledge about infertility risk factors, fertility myths and illusory benefits of healthy habits in young people:

  • Commentary

The need to improve fertility awareness:

Cassandra’s prophecy: a psychological perspective. Why we need to do more than just tell women:

‘A Guide to Fertility’ was developed and evaluated by Prof J Boivin, Cardiff University.