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BFS Certification Modules

Education and Training is one of our most important activities and we aim to offer something for members from any professional background and at any stage in their careers.

BFS certification modules

The BFS certification modules allow BFS members to access specialised training in nine of the key areas involved in reproductive medicine. These certifications are well recognised in the UK by both private and NHS hospitals. The associated study day’s educational content is provided by renowned and accomplished clinicians working in the field of Fertility.

The modules allow for a more focused and in depth approach than is offered by more general training courses, like the Sub-fertility ATSM. The areas covered in the training modules are deemed by experts in the field to be of particular relevance to contemporary clinical practice and will enable the participants to work towards real expertise.

General information

The BFS offers nine certification modules in the following topics:

  • Assisted Conception
  • Creating Modern Families and Donor Assisted Conception
  • Embryo Transfer/IUI
  • Fertility Preservation
  • Male Fertility
  • Management of the Infertile Couple
  • Ultrasonography in Fertility
  • Pre-implantation Genetic Testing
  • Quality & Effectiveness of modern fertility services

BFS certification training is only open to BFS members. Application for membership is a simple process and can be done online.

Each module has a corresponding Study Day associated with it. Attendance at this specific study day is a mandatory part of the certification process and is an additional cost.

How to apply

Please complete the application form and submit online. Before applying please note the following essential requirements:

  • Ensure you have a current membership of the BFS
  • If your trainer/centre are NOT on the approved lists, please ensure they read the ‘Expectations of a trainer’ document and then complete a Training Centre/Trainer Application form BEFORE you apply to undertake a training module.
  • Ensure your trainer submits the online Letter of support from your trainer



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Trainee Application Form Letter of support from trainer Generic Trainer application form Training centre application form

Please note failure to provide complete, correct information will result in a delay in your application

Costs & Payment

The non-refundable fee for each certification module is £180, payable on application.

Each certification module has an associated Study Day at the BFS Study Week; attendance is a compulsory part of certification. Study Days are an additional cost.

Please note that final certification will not be awarded if payment is outstanding.

Registered Training Centres

The BFS is thankful to all its Trainers.

A list of BFS recognised training centres and their trainers can be found on this page, with a current list of registered trainers and centres for each module.

Register as a Trainer/Training Centre

If your centre is not listed among our registered centres and you would like to apply to become a BFS trainer please complete the registration form.

Please note that a training centre form should not be submitted without an accompanying Trainer application form.

No centres will be displayed without two valid trainers listed.

Training centre and trainer certificates are renewed every 3 years.

Expectations of a Trainer (PDF)

BFS Certification FAQs

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