Position statements

  • The BFS supports the Covid 19 vaccination program and advises pregnant women and everyone wishing to start a family (including those who are undergoing fertility treatment) to have the vaccine when offered. We support efforts to encourage uptake of the vaccine in these patient groups and have created patient-facing FAQ on this subject (http://britishfertilitysociety.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Covid19-Vaccines-FAQ-2.1.pdf). Patients [...]
  • The British Fertility Society and the Association of Reproductive and Clinical Scientists support today’s statement by the RCOG on COVID-19 vaccination for women contemplating pregnancy. We share a common interest in ensuring that eligible women continue to benefit from COVID-19 vaccination prior to embarking on pregnancy, as well as during pregnancy.   It appears at [...]
  • A message from ARCS and BFS to all patients regarding the reopening of the fertility sector, from Jane Stewart, Chair of the BFS Executive Committee.
  • On Friday in a surprise move Matt Hancock MP announced the re-opening of fertility centres.  This is of course widely welcomed by patients and those working in the specialty.  Currently licens​ed treatment is suspended by virtue of General Direction 0014 placed on centres’ Licence to Practice on 23rd March by the HFEA.  By lunchtime Friday, in [...]
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