Collaborators invited – ‘Wellbeing of Women’ – Research Project Grant Application.

Sofia Gameiro & Jacky Boivin, School of Psychology, Cardiff University

Jacky Boivin and Sofia Gameiro are putting a grant request in to develop a study to test the feasibility and acceptability of a one hour e-learning course about delivering bad news in fertility clinics.  As you may know the HFEA is now looking to boost patient support so this mini-course would be specific to the type of bad news fertility staff deliver.  You might know Sofia’s work on treatment dropout and reasons for it so ultimately the outcome is to reduce treatment discontinuation.  If feasibility and acceptability is high for the course we would test its effectiveness on treatment compliance in a definitive trial. The funder is wellbeing of women (, up to £200,000 over 2-3 years).  We’ve checked with WoW and the proposed study fits with their remit (see abstract (pdf)).  We will need a staff and patients at multiple clinics to make this work.

If you would be interested in being collaborators on this grant, and would like more information, we’d like to hear from you (email below).  

The study would require staff doing the e-learning course (one hour), filling a 20 minute questionnaire immediately after, and being recorded while delivering bad news to 3 different patients before and after the training (with all appropriate consent).

A subset of 6 of these staff would also be invited to do a brief phone interview to provide their views on the training and study procedures. This is a project we’re doing with Fertility Network UK.

Professor Jacky Boivin, PhD, CPsychol