CMA consumer law guidance for fertility clinics – compliance review

Following publication of consumer law guidance for fertility clinics (the guidance) in June 2021, the CMA are now conducting a review to assess compliance with consumer law.  As part of the compliance review they have published a questionnaire inviting views from the sector on the CMA’s guidance.

They are seeking views on:

  • awareness and understanding of the guidance
  • whether there are aspects of the guidance that could benefit from further clarification
  • whether the CMA could do more to raise awareness of consumer law

They are interested in hearing from clinicians, embryologists, nurses, and others in the sector.  The questionnaire can be completed on behalf of a clinic or in an individual capacity.  The questionnaire is open until 6 April 2022 and can be accessed here: IVF compliance review – questionnaire for clinics (

The CMA may summarise responses to the questionnaire as part of a report published on the findings from the compliance review in the Summer but none of the responses will be attributed to individuals or clinics.

More information on the CMA’s work in the sector, a copy of the guidance, and the questionnaire can be found on their webpages here:

Self-funded IVF: consumer law guidance – GOV.UK (