BFS welcomes HFEA fertility trends report

Dr Jane Stewart, Chair of the British Fertility Society welcomes the new HFEA report on trends and figures in fertility treatment, released today (14 March 2018), she said “IVF and related treatments are safe and effective.  The HFEA data confirms year on year advances in success rates and efficiency (low multiple birth rates and increased use of frozen embryos).  These services are highly regulated for safety and quality.

“The resolution of a fertility problem either through achievement of a live birth or support in coming to terms with childlessness is life changing.  Fertility issues are a blight on the lives of so many young adults but in addition have long term effects on not only their own quality of life but also their extended families and across generations.  It is enormously frustrating to see that despite all of this, the broader picture and clear benefits are not taken into account by some commissioners – particularly in England and Northern Ireland – when short term gains of cost cutting priorities are considered and the needs of this group are largely disregarded.”