BFS statement on fertility add-on treatments

Professor Adam Balen, Chair of the British Fertility Society (BFS) and spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG), said:

“The field of reproductive medicine and IVF is evolving continuously and the UK has led the world with research into fertility treatments.

“New treatments and approaches are always being evaluated and it is important that patients receive full information about everything that is being offered, the current evidence for benefit and whether there are any side effects or risks associated with it.

“It is the role of the BFS and of healthcare professionals to support and provide reliable information on any treatment being considered and those looking after fertility patients have their best interests at heart.

“Some treatments need further and higher quality research into their effectiveness which will add to the existing evidence base and better inform patients.

Currently the NHS does not provide adequate funding for fertility treatments, contrary to NICE recommendations. The BFS is actively campaigning to improve the situation nationally and abolish the postcode lottery. Many patients are required to self-fund treatment and so it is essential that they are made clear exactly what they are being charged for.”

The BFS produces a number of patient information leaflets offering up-to-date information and explanations of complex scientific topics: