BFS statement on debate on decommissioning of IVF and fertility services

BFS statement on debate on decommissioning of IVF and fertility services

Today there is a backbench business debate in the House of Commons about the funding of fertility treatments. MP Steve McCabe will lead the debate.


Professor Adam Balen, Chair of the British Fertility Society said:


“The British Fertility Society welcomes this important debate taking place today. It will help raise the issue of the shocking lack of IVF and fertility services available on the NHS. With insufficient funding and a post-code lottery of care across England, many families are faced with mounting costs and a huge unfairness regarding access to treatment.


“Along with Fertility Network UK and the Fertility Fairness campaign, the BFS is committed to improving the situation in the UK. We are calling on the Government to provide couples with adequate, equitable treatment for infertility, which affects one in seven couples and can have a devastating effect on people’s lives.


“The areas we want to highlight include the need to provide holistic and easily accessible reproductive medicine services that offer the full range of assisted conception treatments, the cost-effectiveness of IVF, the need to keep multiple pregnancy rates low and how improved funding will result in fewer people going overseas for unregulated treatments.


“There is a real argument for a national tariff and national standards and criteria. I am currently working with NHS England to explore this and we hope this will lead to lower costs and fairer access.


“We need to follow the example set in Scotland, which now offers three full cycles of IVF and ensure that the rest of the UK supports infertile couples in accessing the very best treatments.”




For more information or to speak to Professor Balen please call 020 7772 6375 or email