BFS Statement in response to changes in statutory storage period for gametes and embryos

The British Fertility Society welcomes the Government’s proposed changes to the statutory maximum storage period for eggs, sperm and embryos. Technological advances mean that storage of reproductive material is a safe and effective way of protecting fertility for many individuals. This change will ensure that UK regulation is compliant with the scientific evidence about the safety of storage, and protects the ability of all our patients to make reproductive choices for themselves as individuals and couples.


As professionals delivering care in this field, we are delighted that our advocacy has resulted in a change for the better for our patients, reducing unintended discrimination and protecting autonomy. We look forward to working with the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority to ensure clinics are supported to implement this change. We also call upon NHS commissioners to ensure that the required improvements to services are implemented fairly and all patients are able to benefit from this welcome change.