BFS Chair responds to Department of Health notice concerning importation of sperm in the case of a no deal Brexit

Dr Jane Stewart, Chair of the British Fertility Society said: “The Department of Health has included the importing of donated sperm in a technical notice about a possible “no deal” Brexit. The UK has it’s own regulations with respect to importing sperm and those would not change.

“We already import sperm from elsewhere in the world, particularly the USA. There is no reason that model shouldn’t apply to imports from EU countries, post Brexit.

“It is worth noting that the reason we import donated sperm is because we have a shortfall in supply in the UK. This has not always been the case – policy changes regarding anonymity of donors around a decade ago contributed to this.

“Whilst we are are likely to see an increase in related paperwork to import sperm after Brexit safety and quality will remain high in keeping with UK standards however an increase in UK sperm donors to reduce the need for imports would be welcomed.”