Principal Roles

  • To provide a common forum for members of various disciplines, with an interest in infertility, reproductive medicine and biology, to meet and discuss practice, research, policy and ethics for the advancement of the subject.
  • To promote high quality practice and research by holding scientific meetings and poster sessions, symposia and workshops for educational purposes.
  • To hold joint meetings with societies having related interests.
  • To seek support for training fellowships, attendance at other national and international fertility society meetings and prizes for high quality submissions to society meetings.
  • To publish material aimed at promoting high standards in the discipline.
  • To promote high standards of training in all areas of the discipline.
  • To liaise with professional and governmental organisations to discuss and promote higher standards in all relevant professional activities.
  • To liaise with patient organisations to promote areas of mutual interest.
  • To be an effective voice, projected to society, to explain and promote principles and good practice in infertility.
  • To respond, on behalf of its membership, to matters of public concern relating to infertility and its treatment.
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