A culture of openness and excellence: British Fertility Society responds to HFEA state of the sector report

The British Fertility Society welcomes the latest report from the HFEA on the state of the fertility sector. The report shows that standards remain high in the UK, which is one of the most tightly regulated medical communities in the world.

Dr Raj Mathur, Secretary of the British Fertility Society said “We are pleased to see that the year-on-year increase in incident reporting continues; the fuller the picture we have, the better.

“Openness and transparency are vital and in the UK we are a leading example of this. Clinics are encouraged to report all incidents and should not fear doing so.

“We are learning together and improving all aspects of patient care and outcomes.

“Signs such as the reduction in multiple births tell us that standards are improving alongside an increase in patient numbers. We will continue to work, as a community, to make improvements in the areas highlighted by the report. The British Fertility Society strengthens the sector via training and sharing good practice.

“How and when people choose to become parents is changing. This means that more people are turning to fertility clinics for help. The demographics of our patients are changing, too. It is therefore very heartening to see that the number of incidents reported per cycle remains small and inspections find fewer examples of non-compliance overall. This is reflected in the high percentage of clinics receiving the longest available licenses from the regulator.

“This report reinforces the fact that the culture of the sector is as important as the details of its successes and shortcomings; we are proud to be part of making that culture one of openness and excellence. The big picture here is something of which we should feel justly proud.”