Professor Adam Balen, Chair and spokesperson for The British Fertility Society said:


“The British Fertility Society publishes good, clear evidence based guidelines, and upholds the highest standards of ethical practice. Any concern about individual clinics should be investigated by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA).


“Egg sharing practice is legitimate and can work well for those concerned, provided that it is combined with appropriate counselling for both donor and recipient. However, if there was adequate NHS funding of fertility treatments, many couples would not have the need to donate their own eggs in order to enable the funding of the treatment that they so desperately seek.

“Currently, the NHS does not provide adequate funding for fertility treatments, contrary to NICE recommendations, and the British Fertility Society is actively campaigning to improve the situation nationally and abolish the postcode lottery. Many patients are required to self-fund treatment and so it is essential that they are made clear exactly what they are being charged for.”