Earlier this week, Professor Adam Balen, Chair of the British Fertility Society, spoke out against potential cuts to fertility services following the launch of a public consultation on the funding of IVF by Richmond’s clinical commissioning group (CCG) as it looks to save £13 million in the next financial year.

In its proposals Richmond CCG states: ‘There is not enough money for us to do everything we would like to for the people of Richmond. We have to prioritise and make difficult decisions to secure the future of local health services for everyone.’  The document goes on to suggest that one way of saving tax payers money would be for  ‘Access to IVF would be limited to patients who are infertile following cancer treatment, or to prevent transmission of chronic viral infections (such as HIV),’

Speaking about the proposals to the Daily Mail, Professor Balen commented:

‘This will cause huge distress for couples. Everybody has the right to start a family.’

‘Fertility treatment is cost-effective and has now achieved extremely good success rates and I am concerned how this worsens the current postcode lottery for IVF.’