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  • High blood pressure – baby’s sex (12/07/17) Scientists claim women who have hypertension are more likely to have a boy. (BFS mentioned and Adam Balen quoted) The Sun.


  • Egg reserves (12/01/17)

    Fertility expert recommends AMH test for women in their twenties. (BFS mentioned) The Sun.

  • What is it and what are the risks. (BFS mentioned and Joyce Harper quoted). International Business Times.

    Also reported in the Guardian.


  • Embryo glue is being used to help embryos stick in the uterus. (BFS mentioned and Yacoub Khalaf quoted). Sunday Post.


  • Male menopause (09/01/17)

    Professor Ilpo Huhtaniemi from Imperial College London says middle-aged men who receive testosterone jabs to help them cope with the so-called male menopause could be risking their health. (BFS mentioned). Daily Mail.