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  • National sperm bank (27/10/16) The UK’s first national sperm bank has stopped recruiting donors less than two years after its launch. (BFS mentioned & Professor Allan Pacey quoted). BBC News. The Telegraph. Refinery 29.

  • Fertility – artificial sweeteners (17/10/16) A new study suggests women who regularly consume artificial sweeteners may be reducing their chances of getting pregnant. (BFS mentioned & Professor Adam Balen quoted). The Telegraph. The Times. Daily Mail. Women’s Health.

  • Researchers say the fertility technique intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) may lead to sons inheriting their father’s infertility. (BFS mentioned and Professor Adam Balen quoted). New Scientist. Daily Mail. (plus 294 publications to date including regional coverage).

  • A discussion around the use of acupuncture in fertility treatment and the evidence base. (BFS mentioned and Dr Raj Mathur interviewed) Radio 4 You and Yours programme.