NICE is currently consulting on an Addendum to the Fertility Guidelines (No 156) relating to intrauterine insemination. 

The summary of the rationale for the consultation is as follows:NICE published a guideline on the assessment and treatment of fertility problems in 2004, and this guideline was updated in 2013 As part of the 2013 update, recommendations on the use of intrauterine insemination were changed. Concerns were raised about the process that was followed when the recommendations about intrauterine insemination were discussed by the Committee during the 2013 update. This update will reconsider the evidence for intrauterine insemination, with or without ovarian stimulation, compared with expectant management for people with unexplained infertility, mild endometriosis and mild male-factor infertility and whether the 2013 recommendations should be updated.’

NICE Addendum to Clinical Guideline 156.Draft for Consultation.2016

BFS will submit a response as a stakeholder organisation and we are keen to represent your views. If you would like to submit comments to a combined response please forward to: entitled ‘NICE consultation’

The deadline for this has now passed and the BFS is collating its responses accordingly.

Thank you for your interest.