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  • Statement from Allan Pacey, BFS Secretary

    As a first reaction, I’d say that this is a reasonable set of proposals, although there is a sense that the Government has been quite conservative and has missed an opportunity to be more radical and forward thinking. As we now work to a very high standards of clinical […]

  • The British Fertility Society (BFS) welcomes the HFEA’s general conclusion that the majority of clinics are meeting most of the standards expected by the HFEA, and that they provide a good service for patients. At the same time we recognise that there are areas which can be improved, and we and our members will continue […]

  • December 2006

    BFS/RCOG Joint Document Standards in the Care of the Infertile

    The RCOG and the BFS are keen to establish recognised standards for care provision of patients with infertility problems. This joint document aims to establish a grounded structure for service delivery, competence, clinical performance and provision of education within the multidisciplinary fertility service […]