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  • 31st March 2004

    Men who smoke cannabis could be affecting their fertility, according to new research presented today1.

    Researchers2 at Queen’s University, Belfast, have discovered that THC – the active ingredient in cannabis – impedes sperm motility and impairs its ability to penetrate the egg for fertilisation.

    During a multi-centre study on the lifestyle habits […]

  • 31st March 2004

    Scientists call for more research into the long-term effects of vasectomy, as results revealed today1 suggest that the effects of ‘the snip’ might not be as “reversible” as previously thought.

    Work done at Queen’s University Belfast on testicular biopsies shows that men who had a vasectomy more than 10 years ago have […]

  • 31st March 2004

    Researchers have found that pregnancy from IVF is more likely between May and September, probably due to biological programming that we have inherited from our primate origins.

    The British Fertility Society hear today how investigators from IVF clinics in Liverpool and Chester discovered that not only were significantly less drugs required to […]