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  • 21st January 2004
    The British Fertility Society’s response to the announcements made today by Health minister Melanie Johnson.

    The British Fertility Society is pleased that Public Health Minister, Melanie Johnson has clarified the Government’s position on the removal of anonymity of gamete and embryo donors from April 2005. However, the society does have concerns […]

  • 5th January 2004

    Results from the UK’s largest single-centre study into sperm counts reinforce concern over male fertility. The ‘SPIN’ (Semen Parameters in the Northeast) study measured sperm counts of men attending a regional fertility clinic in Aberdeen from 1989 to 2002. Tests showed a drop of almost 30% in the average sperm concentrations over […]

  • 5th January 2004

    The majority of couples undergoing IVF are willing to donate their surplus embryos for embryonic stem cell research, a study has found. The survey from the Newcastle Fertility Centre found that 57% of couples who were asked to consider donation, chose to consent.

    There is much controversy surrounding stem cell research but […]