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  • Positioning Statement on the Subject of: Transplantation of Ovarian Tissue
    May 2000

    The British Fertility Society (BFS) supports research into cryopreservation on ovarian tissue. This technology provides the potential restoration of fertility for women who have to undergo treatment for cancer or other illnesses that might render them sterile

    The BFS, together with the […]

  • Rationing fertility services in the NHS: A Policy Statement
    May 2000

    The provision of specialist medical services in society is influenced by an assessment of the health needs of the population as a whole (demand), the resources allocated for the purpose (supply), and importantly the potential for health gain through medical intervention (clinical effectiveness). […]

  • The British Fertility Society is very concerned to learn of the problems involving frozen embryos. We do not wish to comment on an individual case, however, we welcome the prompt decision by Liam Donaldson to launch an enquiry and will be pleased to help. We emphasise the need to await the outcome of any enquiry […]

  • Letter to all MPs.

    As you will be aware, Parliament will be debating the report from the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) about Stem Cell research quite soon. The British Fertility Society urges you to support his recommendations.

    It is generally acknowledged that research on stem cells derived from human embryos has the potential to dramatically […]

  • The British Fertility Society has noted this case with serious concerns. We believe this to be a misuse of reproductive technology and do not condone this practice. We believe that treatment using donor eggs should generally be confined to women under the age of 50 and that selection of cases requires very careful consideration including […]